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Automations make life easier. Working hand-in-hand with your contact lists, they do the work for you by reaching out to specific segments of your client base to keep them engaged. The contact lists you use, whether one of our system lists or a custom list created by you, control who messages are sent to, while automations control what those messages say.

There are several default automations that you can brand to your business, activate, and start using immediately.

  • Birthday Special- Send a special birthday message to your customers on their birthday. Everyone loves recognition on their birthday.
  • First Time Visitor Welcome Automation-Reach out to customers after their first visit to welcome them and, in Mindbody, to encourage them to purchase your intro offer.
  • Nurture Prospects- Prospects have not visited or purchased yet, they may have only created a profile or registered online. We want to encourage these prospects to come into the business and make a purchase, such as an intro offer.
  • Loyalty Program- Recognize loyal customers. The default is set to 5 visits but can easily be changed to 25, 100 or even 1000 visits by using other smart lists. Celebrating your customers' milestones will encourage retention and keep your loyal customers as your best ambassadors.
  • Text Message Marketing Opt In-Encourage your customers to interact with you via text message as well as email. A great way to interact with your customers anywhere.

Take your automations to the next level by building your own automations to increase client engagement and revenue. Some ideas to get you started:

  • Intro offer to Membership Sales process
  • Reaching out to customers who purchased a particular service
  • Reaching out to customers who attended a particular workshop or event
  • Reaching out to customers who clicked on a link or button
  • New Member Welcome
  • Membership Retention process
  • Upgrade your service process

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