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The whole idea behind the Marketing Suite is to give you a complete picture of your business so you can target and automate your marketing efforts. Reaching the right audience at the right time brings in the best business.

Types of Contact Lists

In the Marketing Suite, you’ll find three types of Contact Lists:

Type Definition Why you would use it
Smart List System built; they automatically pull information from your site once per day. Can target specific member types or a specific service booked. These can be created by interaction history, client fields, or using contact lists. An example would be if you wanted to send a message to all a specific member type to let them know about a special member's only sale coming up .
System List These are lists that show subscribers and are automatically compiled and updated by your software daily according to each client’s opt-in status. Use these lists to broadcast your newsletters, reach out to all clients opted-in to messaging, and to target large groups for your campaigns and automations.
Static List A list that does not change unless you manually add customers to it. Since these lists are under your direct control, use Static Lists to send messages to a specific subset of customers. For example, use this list to send out the weekly Spa Club newsletter members.