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Logging In

Linking your Messenger account with your Mindbody login is easy! First, make sure that you are logged into your Mindbody site.

At the login screen, select the “Continue with Mindbody” button to get started.

Enter your Mindbody Site ID

Enter your Mindbody username and password

If I have a separate Messenger[ai] and Mindbody site logins, can I link them?
Absolutely. If a staff account has been previously created in Messenger[ai], it will link up with your staff profile in Mindbody.

Does the owner or manager have to create my account for me?
Staff members can create their own Messenger[ai] account without the need to contact the business owner or manager.

If you don't have an account in Messenger[ai], select “I don’t have Messenger Credentials” and a staff-level user will be created for you using your Mindbody login.

Note: Selecting “I don’t have Messenger Credentials” will automatically create a “Staff” level Messenger login using your Mindbody staff profile. If you need access to the settings as well as the Messenger Inbox, please send your account owner a request to add you as a “Manager” through the Messenger Dashboard first before attempting to link your account with Mindbody.


Messenger[ai] can make sure that the people helping to manage client interactions are up to date on phone calls, voicemail, texts, and web chats by sending emails, texts, and push notifications to keep you informed.These settings are determined by the Messenger [ai] account owner.

Staff abilities

Once you’ve successfully logged into your Messenger[ai] staff account, feel free to check out each of the menus to see what’s there. There are the three main menus that you’ll interact with when logged into Messenger[ai].

Messenger [ai] main menus

My Messages

  • Use the dropdown menu to filter and see information on a specific business location or to see all the locations in one space.
  • Live chat: This menu is a running record of your new and past chat conversations with both your teammates and clients. Use this page to reply to chat messages using the text field. Don’t forget to use your emojis! ;)
  • My Queue: This is where you’ll go to follow up on the messages that the bot determined the client needed your help. Check this often.
  • Today’s chats: Are all the conversations that took place or are in progress on the current date.
  • Archive: Can’t remember what was said? It’s OK, your bot keeps a record of all chats here. Use this menu as a reference.
Quick Filters
  • Missed calls: Use this menu to view the messages your bot has sent clients to let them know you’d be with them shortly when you weren’t able to get to the phone in time, so you can call them back if you need to.
  • Confirmations: This is a record of the confirmation messages your bot has sent to remind clients of their appointment and their responses if they are able to keep their appointment time.
  • Follow-ups: Your bot checks in on your clients after their appointment to make sure their visit went well. This is a record of post-appointment messages sent and clients’ responses.
My team
  • Use this menu to direct message your team.


  • Use this menu to listen to and respond to voicemails left for the business.

My Metrics

  • This page provides a high-level analysis of what your bot is doing while on the job. You can toggle between how many clients have booked through the bot, how many prospects the bot has converted to new clients, chats, missed calls, and how many times the bot has reached out for human assistance.