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MINDBODY’s branded web tools are made up of two parts: widgets and links. While they are designed to complement each other and provide a great user experience for your clients, it’s important to understand the differences between them and know when and where to use them on your site.

  • Widgets are fully-functional software that place elements of your MINDBODY site directly onto your website: i.e., a class schedule, where users can book a class.

  • Links simply direct clients to a specific part of your site. For example, a link would redirect to a login page or a single pricing option.


The is no limit to the number of widgets that you can add to your website. Currently, there are seven widget types, each with their own options and purposes:

  • Appointment Widget allows clients to search, purchase, and book/request appointments.

  • Class List Widget displays each class separately with its own description and schedule. Clients can view the available times for that single class, then book or purchase a pass for the session of their choice.

  • Enrollment Widget shows upcoming enrollments. It’s like the Schedule widget, but for enrollments.

  • Prospect Widget creates an account for the client in MINDBODY and marks the client as a prospect. This is commonly used as part of a "Contact us" form when clients are interested in your services but have not yet committed to making a purchase.

  • Registration Widget allows clients to sign up for a new account with your business directly from your website.

  • Schedule Widget displays all classes and enrollments together in a single schedule. Clients can book using an existing pass or they can purchase a new one.

  • Staff List Widget shows your choice of staff members, along with the public bios and photos entered on the staff profile screen in your MINDBODY software.

While links created in MINDBODY take clients away from your website and into MINDBODY consumer mode. Branded web links, however, keep clients on your business's website from start to finish. Branded web links are a companion to widgets and provide another way to connect your business's website to your MINDBODY software. These links are commonly used in pricing pages, where clients can browse all of your available services and purchase pricing options directly from your website.

Branded web links are shortcuts that connect specific features in the MINDBODY software to your personal website. These allow your clients to view and manage their MINDBODY accounts, or purchase pricing options and contracts, from any page on your site.

Currently, there are four link types:

  • Login/Register is used to log in to an existing MINDBODY account or register for a new one. Once in the My Account area, your clients can update billing and contact info, view purchase histories and schedules, and see any outstanding balances owed.

  • A Cart link opens the client's digital shopping cart, also known as the Consumer Cart. As clients browse your website and add the pricing options they wish to buy, each one is stored in the Cart. Clients will select this link when they need to view their totals or check out.

  • Buy Now - Pricing Options links directly to a single pricing option in your MINDBODY software. Each time a link is clicked, that specific pricing option is added to the client's digital shopping cart.

  • Buy Now - Contracts links to a specific contract in your MINDBODY software. Each time a link is clicked, that specific pricing option is added to the client's digital shopping cart. Please note that contracts containing media can't be sold through branded web tools.

  • Gift Cards links to the gift cards in your MINDBODY software. When placed on your business's website, these links enable your clients to purchase gift cards for their friends and family without ever leaving your page.