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Version 1 of our point of sale uses an entirely separate order screen dedicated solely to checking out transactions. Taking payment through this screen requires you to leave the screen you're on (such as the appointment calendar.)

Version 2 of our point of sale uses a "side panel" that slides out over the right-hand side of the screen when you're ready to complete a transaction. This allows you to complete a sale without leaving the screen you're on.


Rebooking appointments
In version 1, there was a "rebook" button on the checkout screen that allowed you to book another appointment. In version 2, checkout takes place directly from the appointment schedule, meaning this button is no longer necessary.

Classes are not currently available in version 2.

Booking appointments by available date and time
In version 1, you could book a new appointment by clicking Appointments > Find Appointment and selecting from a list of available dates and times. This workflow is not currently available in version 2.

Online appointment booking
In version 1, clients could book an appointment online using series, gift cards, memberships, and ACH/ETF. In version 2, clients can only book an appointment online using credit cards, gift cards/certificates, and purchased series.

Deposits can only be made with a credit card
In version 1, deposits could be made with multiple payment methods. In version 2, deposits can only be held with a credit card, and this requires integrated merchant account processing.


Gift certificates/gift cards are no longer tied to a specific service or package
In version 1, gift certificates could be sold either for a dollar amount or a specific service/package. In version 2, gift cards are only sold for a dollar amount and can be redeemed for anything.


In version 1, survey could be created and sent to customers via email. Surveys are not currently available in version 2.

System theme color
In version 1, you could choose a custom color for your software theme. Version 2 has two color choices for your software theme: blue and white.

Packages can't include series or products
In version 1, both series and products could be included in packages. In version 2, only services can be added to a package.

Mailchimp is no longer supported in version 2. We recommend using the integrated Marketing Suite to build and schedule your email campaigns.

Specials can't be used to add a premium to an order
In version 1, you could use specials to add a premium charge to an order (as opposed to discounting it). This is not supported in version 2.


Credit cards are now required when selling a membership
We've greatly reduced the number of choices you have to make when selling a membership in version 2. As part of this revamp, a stored credit card is now required every time a membership is sold. This ensures clients will always have a valid payment on file for their automatic monthly charge.

Recurring membership charges are automatic
In version 1, users needed to use the Recurring Memberships report to bulk-charge customers for membership fees, which they would typically need to do once or twice a month depending on their membership payment schedule. In version 2, recurring membership fees are charged automatically by default. Businesses that have disabled automated membership charges can use this report to bulk-charge membership fees manually as before.

Custom charge dates are no longer supported
In version 1, you could choose a custom charge date for a customer during checkout. In version 2, the membership charge date is always the same day that the membership is sold.

Payment plans
In version 1, you could create multiple payment plans per membership. In version 2, only one payment plan can be used per membership. You will now need to either update the membership plan, or create an entirely new one.

Membership benefits can only be used for services
In version 1, benefits could be used for products, classes, and packages. In version 2, they can only be used for services.

Visiting members icon
You can now see which customers have memberships at other locations with the Visiting member icon on your Point of Sale screen. This shows even when the membership held at another location is suspended or frozen, but does not show for cancelled memberships.
Note: This shows even if a customer has a membership at the current location, and a membership at another location.

"Members only" services are not currently available
In Version 1, it was possible to limit access to specific services to members only. This is not currently available in Version 2.

Point of sale

Appointments are now checked out directly from the calendar
In version 1, taking payment required leaving the appointment calendar entirely. In version 2, a side panel slides out from the right side of the screen so payment can be taken directly from the calendar.

New sales can be completed from the page you're on
In version 1, starting a new order required leaving the screen you were working on. In version 2, a side panel slides out from the right side of the screen so payment can be taken directly from the current screen.

Tipping is now fully integrated
In version 1, the tipping step was often passed over and led to workarounds like line item tips. Version 2 supports line item tips like before, as well as the ability to add tips after accepting payment through the integrated process.

Tipping is now available on closed orders
In version 1, tips could only be added while taking payment. In version 2, tips can be added to closed orders.

Please note that tips will always appear in your reports on the day of the original transaction; i.e., a tip added to an order from yesterday will appear on yesterday's Sales and Payroll reports.

Quick add products are no longer necessary
In version 1, frequently sold products could be tagged as Quick Adds so they could be easily sold during checkout. In version 2, quick adds are no longer supported because products are accessible with a single click.

Adding multiple quantities of a product to an order
Version 1 included a "quantity" field that allowed you to adjust the item count in the cart. Version 2 has changed this to a "plus" button placed next to the product's inventory number so that multiple quantities can be added to an order at once.

Partial refund support has changed
In version 1, you could choose a specific dollar amount when refunding an order. In version 2, you can issue a partial refund on one selected item. However, you cannot issue a partial refund for multiple items.

Credit accounts are replaced by store credit
In version 1, credit accounts were used to issue house credit to customers. In version 2, credit accounts can be enabled in your site by Booker support. Store credit can be purchased separately, and refunds can be issued in the form of store credit, both of which can be stored in the client's profile and used as payment in the future.

Please note that you will need to charge any customers with outstanding credit account balances before switching to version 2. Any money owed to customers on a credit account can be issued in the form of a gift card.

Paypal, Groupon, and SpaFinder payments are no longer supported
In version 2, vouchers must be redeemed outside of Booker. You can then use a custom payment type to account for the order in Booker.

Custom receipts are no longer supported
In version 1, you could change the look and printing style of your receipt through Payment Settings. In version 2, it is possible to customize receipts -- except for the tips & signature fields.

ACH info is no longer stored in Booker
In version 1, you could enable the ACH payment type through the Billing tab. This didn't charge the customer directly, but allowed you to store the client's ACH information so it could be charged outside of Booker.

This is not available in version 2; we recommend creating an "ACH" custom payment type to account for these orders instead.

PMS/Post to Room payments are no longer supported
In version 1, you could integrate with a PMS/Post to Room service to directly charge a customer's guest room. This is not supported in version 2. We recommend using a custom payment type instead and completing the sale outside of Booker.


Viewing order details from within a report
In version 1, viewing order details required leaving the report you were on. In version 2, many reports feature the ability to click on an order to view its details within the report.

The Credit Card Processing Type report is no longer used
The Credit Card Processing Type report tracked credit card payments in Version 1. This report is not used in Version 2, though you may use the Payouts report if your business uses Mindbody Payments.


Version 2 is only available in English
In version 1, more than one language could be enabled for your site. Version 2 is currently only available in English.

Profiles for children and pets are no longer supported
Parent-child and pet accounts are not supported in version 2. Every customer must have their own profile.

Both Firefox and Chrome are now supported for printing
In version 1, Firefox was the only supported browser for receipt printing. In version 2, either Firefox or Google Chrome can be used. However, printouts are clearer when using Firefox.